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"We make memories not just clothes.." 🌱 OMNIS PURA 🌱 is a 0-5Y Baby & Kids Brand which aims to produce unique baby and kids custom made handcrafted baby clothing. A large percentage of our products are handcrafted by small, local producers using organic and/or high-quality materials. Our products are family heirlooms, and we dedicatedly design our products as heirloom clothes, aiming for a modern touch on the classic hand knit. Our collections are produced with, high quality cotton AND/ OR GOTS certified organic cotton fabric and yarns. Our handmade products are handcrafted by Omnis Pura's artisan women team who work from home and in need of support their families. We provide them with empowerment and also lead a social responsibility project with adherence to the “Fair Trade” guidelines. Throughout the last year, we have worked hard to increase the number of knitwear sets, hand knitted products, and organic toys we offer to meet your needs. Combining textiles and handicrafts, we created an unforgettable creation that will be passed from generation to generation. Manufacturing the purest and the healthiest natural products consciously is our motto. In our collections, we have many organic baby clothing and hand-knitted products. We offer you a really inspiring range of organic baby handmade clothes & toys and packaged and delivered with a personal touch. We look forward to meeting you. CREATE MORE & LIVE NATURAL & SLOW FASHION
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